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Sleep Tight=Good Night

Sleepy time “tools” can help with a good night’s sleep…for you and the babe. Take 20% off through Saturday, 3/14/15.

Did you know that sleep is one of the most important things when one is looking at overall health and wellness?  Those of us who have been pregnant know that often times, sleep can be elusive.  Just ask one of your pregnant friends about sleep when her aching body and heartburn made the old recliner look like a luxurious bed!  Lack of sleep leads to constant tiredness and affects hormones, which likely influence hunger, cravings and emotions.

As we start a new year, give yourself the gift of sleep.  Make sure your bedroom is dark and cool for sleeping, allow enough time for sleep (easier said than done if living with an early-to-rise toddler or pre-schooler) and make sure to take at least 20 minutes before bed to relax away from electronics such as televisions and computers.

Sleepy Time Tips: 

sleep pillowBelly Ache? Get some support! Pregnant mamas don’t want to do without the comfort afforded by a body pillow created especially for the pregnant form. Along with a super cozy pair of Pj’s (with nursing access for later) this is a great sleep aide for expectant mothers. Helping you attain side sleep position recommended by gynecologists for baby’s health while keeping mom comfortable and cool to help her sleep.

Aden and anais swaddleTo Swaddle or Not? That is the question. While some babies love the comfort of a snug swaddle, some babes just need to kick around. Aden & Anais offers both options in their super soft organic cotton swaddles and sleep sacks. So long as their cozy, sleep will come.


aden anais lovie 3A Lovie Dovie Can Make A Big Difference: Whether it’s a soothing Wubanub (see froggie above) or a comfy cuddly, a lovie can offer some serious soothing, especially when it picks up mama’s scent reminding baby that you’re always near…even when her lids get heavy and she heads off to dreamland.

aden anais sleep sackSleep Sacks by Aden & Anais: These muslin sleep sacks are not to warm, not too cold…like everything this amazing company does, they are just right. For countless generations, mothers around the world have turned to natural muslin to care for their children. aden + anais® continues this tradition with our 100% cotton muslin sleeping bag. Designed to be worn over pajamas to eliminate loose blankets, these sleeping bags for baby help to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.


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