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Got Boogies? Try This

Feb 27, 2015

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Introducing The Baby Comfy Nose Nasal Aspirator

Baby-Comfy-Nose-AspiratorBetter than the bulb… the Baby Comfy Nose Aspirator uses your own suction to remove mucus from your baby’s nose. Gross? Surprisingly not! Be assured, however, that the extensively tested design of the Baby Comfy Nose eliminates any possibility of oral contact with mucus and germs.

How It Works: Mucus is pulled into the receptacle body and is isolated there. The number one question with this novel new product is, “Will I catch my baby’s cold from the BabyComfyNose?” This is a common question and the answer is…no. With colds, flus and now H1N1 ‘Swine Flu’, this is an important question and it is important to understand that viruses and germs can only be spread in liquid droplets. As long as liquid droplets are isolated, no transmission can occur. Laboratory testing has demonstrated that liquid containing mucus and germs that are suctioned out of your baby’s nose are caught in the tissue filter. The design effectively prevents this from happening.

What Makes It So special? Unlike traditional bulbs, the Baby ComfyNose is doesn’t require several cycles of squeezing the bulb, insertion into the baby’s nose and releasing the bulb. Not only is this difficult to do and can actually cause injury to the child, but bulb aspirators do not generate enough suction and therefore are not very effective. Battery operated devices also typically do not generate enough suction to be effective. With the BabyComfyNose you can generate greater and more continuous suction. The BabyComfyNose really works and is appropriate for newborn until your child learns how to blow their own nose!

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