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Symphony Breast Pump Rental

The Symphony Breast Pump



Becoming Mothers rents Medela’s Symphony Breast Pump which is the pump used in the local hospitals. The Symphony Breast Pump reflects technological advancements made in this field in the last few years. It is a highly comfortable, extremely efficient double pump with breakthrough 2-Phase Expression pumping, the Symphony Breast Pump is proven to reduce pumping time through faster let-down and milk flow and remove as much milk as a breastfeeding baby.

Symphony Breast Pump is ideal for mothers of multiples and premature babies, or for those struggling with the concept or discomfort of pumping the breast. It is designed for full-time, long term use and will help to initiate and increase milk supply.

Rental fees are calculated on either a daily or a monthly basis. $5.00/day or $75.00/month.  Pump pick-up and pump return are facilitated by the Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe most proximal to your home.

Becoming Mothers will do everything in our power to have a pump ready for you to pick up on the day you requested, however, please keep in mind this is a REQUEST to hold a pump, but not a guarantee. In the event of a “pump shortage” we will juggle our inventory of pumps to accommodate your needs as quickly as possible. Please call us on the requested pick-up day to insure we have a pump ready for you. 720-297-6312.

The Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppes in the Boulder/Denver Metro area (Boulder, Broomfield, Westminster) will be where the breast pump is picked up and is where the pump will be returned.  All billing, lactation consultations, and breastfeeding support will be provided by Becoming Mothers.

Pump Accessories

Each rental pump requires a unique set of pumping accessories (pump connector, tubing, bottles, filters, etc.). If you’ve been pumping in the hospital, chances are you already have those parts and don’t need to purchase an additional set. When you pickup the breast pump, please bring in all of the plastic accessories you have so we can make sure you have exactly what you need. If this is your first pumping experience, you will need an accessory kit which can be purchased at the time of rental. The accessory kit is yours to keep should you ever need to rent again.