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Becoming Mothers offers breastfeeding and parenting support; it is what we’re all about! Our mission is to help each mom reach, and surpass, her own personal breastfeeding goals.

Becoming Mothers is knowledgeable about the complete family of  Medela breast pumps, including the Hospital Grade Symphony. We endorse the Medela breast pumps as our experience validates that the 2-phase expression technology developed by Medela is the most sophisticated and most efficient, mimicking the nursing mechanics of a newborn at breast.



The Women’s Preventive Health Breast Feeding Benefit (Affordable Care Act)

The Women’s Preventive Health Breast Feeding Benefit includes:

  • a standard electric pump (non-hospital-grade) within 60 days of birth, once every three years,
  • a manual breast pump within 12 months of birth, if you have not received an electric or a manual breast pump in the last three years,
  • another set of breast pump supplies if you get pregnant again before you are eligible for a new pump.
  • Plans with the women’s preventive services benefit also cover up to six visits with a lactation consultant if you need support with breast feeding.

Some plans are not subject to the women’s preventive breastfeeding services requirements under the Affordable Care Act. This includes plans that are grandfathered or otherwise exempt. These plans may not include all of these benefits or there may be different member cost-sharing on certain benefits.  Consult your plan documents or call member services at the number on your member ID card if you are not sure if your plan covers these benefits.Medela-Pump-In-Style-Breastpump

Should your plan not cover the purchase and/or rental of a breast pump or if the breast pump provided by your plan does not meet your specific needs or if your plan has delayed delivery of the breast pump, we are pleased to review the merits of the pumps with you so that you can choose the breast pump that best meets your needs. The recommended breast pump is different if you will be staying at home with your newborn, pumping an occasional bottle between nursing, or returning to out-of-home work and need to stock up for your little one!