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Breastfeeding Support

Becoming Mothers offers breastfeeding and parenting support; it is what we’re all about! Our mission is to help each mom reach, and surpass, her own personal breastfeeding goals.

The owner of Becoming Mothers, Stephanie Moore, RN, BSN, IBCLC, supports breastfeeding women with her kind support of all things breastfeeding and early parenting related.  Having owned Becoming Mothers, the retail store for 15 years, Stephanie is very knowledgeable about everything from nursing bras and clothing, unique and smart products that support the breastfeeding dyad and the newborn.

Becoming Mothers is knowledgeable about the complete family of  Medela breast pumps, including the Hospital Grade Symphony. We endorse the Medela breast pumps as our experience validates that the 2-phase expression technology developed by Medela is the most sophisticated and most efficient, mimicking the nursing mechanics of a newborn at breast.  Stephanie has a strong relationship with Medela and will help interface with concerns if Medela customer service doesn’t resolve your concerns.