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Becoming Mothers moves to Phase 2

stephanie-mooreStephanie Moore, RN, BSN, IBCLC

Stephanie brings 30+ years nursing experience to Becoming Mothers. Stephanie’s clinical experience is as a Labor & Delivery RN, high-risk obstetrical home-care nurse and as a parent educator. An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 1996, Stephanie is very comfortable with all varieties of scenarios that occur with breastfeeding mothers and their newborns/infants/toddlers.

Stephanie opened Becoming Mothers in 2000.  After fifteen years as a maternity and nursing boutique, Becoming Mothers closed in 2015, ready to move to the next phase.  Over the fifteen years, Stephanie was a catalyst to creating a very strong community of birth professionals.  Even though the retail store has closed, that community continues to network, share referrals and, in a general sense, support the needs of the young families in Boulder County.  Send Stephanie a note if you’d like a trusted referral to a local professional, creative talent, or a service provider.  The network is strong and well-developed and Stephanie will either know to whom you are best referred or she’ll know someone who will.

Stephanie is a seasoned registered nurse and an International Certified Lactation Consultant.  currently working both in the hospital and out-patient clinic setting.  Having raised three children and having experienced the phases and challenges of parenting, Stephanie approaches breastfeeding and parenting from a perspective of acceptance and non-judgement. It is her intent to help each mom fulfill her own personal breastfeeding goals, whatever those goals might be.

For many breastfeeding mothers, breast pump rental is key to successful breastfeeding and the ability to provide breast milk to her baby.  Becoming Mothers continues to rent the Medela Symphony breast pump through the three Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppes in the Boulder/Denver metro area (Boulder, Broomfield, Westminster).  Please visit www.GrandrabbitsToyShoppe.com for a rental depot near you.

When renting a breast pump, be in contact with Stephanie should you have concerns about the equipment or if you need lactation support.